Raison d’Etre ‘Rocks Om’

The team at Raison d’Etre (RdE) are delighted to announce that we have been contracted by the Hard Rock Hotel Davos in Davos, Switzerland to design and implement the hotel’s ‘Rock Spa’ which opens on 1st August 2018. The Hard Rock Hotel Davos will combine the power of music with the…

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Be inspired – Enhance your yoga practice

We have found two inspiring books to keep us inspired for a more yogic lifestyle this summer. These two books are more than just books… Yogaagenda The Yogaagenda is both a planner, handbook and journal for your practice, with inspiring ideas, suggestions and guidelines for a suitable yoga practice, depending…

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Sleep better in the heat

The hot season is here! In the more Southern parts of Europe the sleep is disturbed by the heat and in the Northern parts of Europe the sleep can be disturbed by the light…even at night time. If you haven’t yet experienced the magical summer nights in Northern part of…

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Nordic Bathing Ritual

In our LivNordic Spas the Nordic Bathing is one of the core pillars. Nordic Bathing is unique and have enormous health benefits. Raison d’Etre’s MD Anna-Cari Gund shares the benefits of the bathing rituals and why you should be brave and have a cold dip after the sauna. The tradition of…

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We say yes to wellness

Raison d’Etre supports the Global Wellness day. With the slogan “One day can change your whole life,” Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year as an international day dedicated to living welI and in order to make Wellness a lifestyle. Global Wellness Day aims…

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