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Raison d’Etre ‘Rocks Om’

The team at Raison d’Etre (RdE) are delighted to announce that we have been contracted by the Hard Rock Hotel Davos in Davos, Switzerland to design and implement the hotel’s ‘Rock Spa’ which opens on 1st August 2018. The Hard Rock Hotel Davos will combine the power of music with the…

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Wellness Travel IS Booming

More and more people are investing in wellness escapes and travelling to destinations around the world in a bid to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you need some time away from the rat race, life stress, a relationship breakdown or an illness, wellness travel is one of the best investments you’ll…

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Collaborative Thinking

Our Raison d’Etre team is made up of people from around the world, each offering valuable insights into the global wellness industry. With over 20 years as a spa consultancy, we can confidently say that it’s this working collaboratively which helps us reach the most innovative, original and creative wellness…

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Healthy Diet: The Nordic Way

While the Mediterranean diet has long been known for its benefits to our health and wellbeing, the Nordic way of eating is now beginning to be hailed as a key player in a healthy balanced diet, with research stating that it is the key to a younger, improved brain. The…

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Sauna Nights

There is nothing so comforting and reassuring as the feeling of warmth. Being enveloped in an invisible cloak of glorious heat helps us feel safe, relaxed, calm and carefree. No wonder then that at the heart of every spa design you will find the soothing, quiet space of a sauna…

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